We value our customers and their user experience highly. We work hard to provide a seamless experience and a very stable product. However sometimes things go wrong and we make mistakes. Therefor it is crucial that we hear from you to provide the support that you deserve.
We have gathered some of the most common questions in this FAQ.
Are there  any requirement for using Thinka in my home?
Thinka requires an existing KNX installation in your home, an available ethernet port and a mains socket. An ETS4 or ETS5 project file is required to start the configuration process. You will need a modern browser to go through the setup process, IE 11, Safari and Chrome are supported. The setup process is optimized for PC, Mac and tablets. To use voice control you will need a Amazon Echo.

How do I install my Thinka?
Thinka is meant to be installed in your meter box on a DIN rail. A professional KNX system integrator should be able to do this.

How do I configure my Thinka?
Just follow the steps in the User Manual provided with your Thinka. Or if you lose the manual, you can find it here. We assume that this configuration is performed by a KNX professional as well.

What do the colours of the LED on the Thinka mean?
When the Thinka is starting up the LED is constant red. After starting up your Thinka will look for updates while the LED flashes red. When ready your Thinka's LED should be constant green. Sometimes a Thinka will restart after receiving an update, and power off the LED for a short while. In some cases even twice.

How do I reboot my Thinka?
 The thinka can be rebooted by pressing and holding the button on the front next to Thinka logo until the LED flashes orange, releasing it and pressing to button once shortly.

How do I factory reset my Thinka?
The thinka can be factory reset by pressing the button on the front next to Thinka logo until it flashes orange, releasing it and holding the button again until the LED turns off.

Amazon Echo

How do I connect my Thinka to my Amazon Echo?
You need to have an Amazon Echo properly working in your home. On your Thinka go to the support page and first enable Alexa.

Enable Amazon Echo from the support page on your Thinka. Doing so you allow the Thinka to setup a connection to Amazon via the secured Thinka cloud.

Next check to see that your Thinka is connected to the Thinka Cloud.
Now click the “PAIR” button and copy the generated token.

Next you find the Thinka skill on the Alexa site. Go to the site.
We advise to use the web page instead of the (iPhone or Android) app. That way you can easily paste the pairing token that your Thinka generated.
Add your Thinka devices via “DISCOVER DEVICES”:
What is the easiest  way to configure my Thinka?
Thinka can read your existing configuration by reading your ETS (v4 or 5). ETS contains information about your devices, but it is rather limited. Start of by importing your ETS file and Thinka will get as much information as possible from it. Thinka will try to guess the type of accessory, its group addresses and (based on language preference) to corresponding room.
How do I configure a Switch?
A switch needs two KNX addresses, one for status and one for switching.
How do I configure a Lamp?
A light can be turned off and optionally dimmed, each characteristic has two addresses one for status and one for setting a value.
Can Thinka set the colour of my lights?
No, not yet. Although Amazon Echo does support this, we see very little RGB controllers in KNX setups.

How do I configure a curtain or blind?

A window covering can be opened and closed (position) and optionally you can change the angle of the slat, each characteristic has one address either for status or for setting a value. Drive movement is mandatory for KNX internal operation.
How do I configure a thermostat?
The Thermostat supports heat/cool/auto/off. The actual, setpoint and heating status values are required. The Heating status indicates whether the Thermostat is actually heating or not. 

The Operating mode is optionally used to read and write whether the Thermostat is On or Off. The HeatingCooling Mode is optionally used to read and write whether the Thermostat should heat or cool. Cooling status is optional and indicates whether the Thermostat is actually cooling or not. Needs HeatingCooling Mode to be set.

The Identify Display is optional and can be programmed in KNX. It is currently configured to flash a message on a display.
Can Thinka trigger a KNX scene?
Yes, you can configure this in the Thinka setup page. You need a group address and a scene number.
Can Thinka read temperature, humidity and CO2?
Yes, but currently there is no support for these characteristics in Amazon Echo yet. So you will not be able to read them through Alexa.

Configure Remote Homekit TODO?
Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires an Apple TV with tvOS 10.x or later or an iPad with iOS 10.x or later set up as a home hub.
How do I turn on my lamps?
First of all make sure your lamp is configured properly in Thinka (see Thinka Configuration) as a switch or lightbulb. The name should be easily pronounceable and unique, such as “floor light”. Then you can just say: “Alexa, turn on the floor light”.

How do I dim my lights?
First of all make sure your lamp is configured properly in Thinka (see Thinka Configuration) as a lightbulb. Then you can just say: “Alexa, set the floor light to 50 percent”, “Alexa, decrease the floor light by 25 percent” or “Alexa, increase the floor light by 25 percent”.

How do I close my curtains?
First of all make sure your curtain is configured properly in Thinka (see Thinka Configuration) as a window covering.  Now just say: "Alexa, close the blinds", "Alexa, turn off the blinds" or "Alexa, open the blinds". You can also open the blinds partly . Then you can just say: “Alexa, set the curtain to 30 percent”. Note that 100% is fully open (most light).

How do I set my thermostat?
First of all make sure your curtain is configured properly in Thinka (see Thinka Configuration) as a Thermostat.  Now just say: "Alexa, set the temperature to 21 degrees".

Can I ask for the temperature of my heating?
Yes, just ask “Alexa, what is the temperature in here?”.

For more examples see the Amazon Alexa website.
Is Thinka safe?
Yes, Thinka is installed in your home and interfaces directly with your KNX installation. Thinka will not communicate over the Internet besides downloading software updates. Thinka does not share any information about your home, except with your explicit permission in the exceptional case you want to share your configuration for debugging purposes with the Thinka team. This information is then encrypted and sent by email to Thinka support and can only be decrypted by authorized Thinka personnel.

Can Thinka be accessed over the Internet?
No, not unless you explicitly configure your router to do so. You should verify your router settings to make sure your home network (LAN) is secure.

Can Thinka be accessed inside my home?
Yes, of course, but only if you have access to the serial number that is printed on the Thinka.

Can I share my Thinka configuration with my spouse, guests or kids?
Yes, through System Preference on your iDevice. This allows sharing of your configuration with anyone with a iCloud account.

Amazon Echo

Alexa responds with “Hmmm, Floor light is not responding”.
Check your connection to Thinka cloud as described in "Getting Started". If you are not connected, try to reconnect to Thinka Cloud. Check your Internet connection.

Still no success?
Go to the Thinka skill in the Alexa app (the website) and check whether the Thinka skill is enabled.
The devices should appear and not be Offline. If the devices are missing you may ask: “Alexa, discover devices” to read the devices from your Thinka again.

How do create rooms, zones or scenes?
Rooms can be made on the Thinka Configuration page. But Amazon Echo has limited support for rooms. Zones and Scenes are not supported yet.

Can I create a Geofence that controls my home?
No, Amazon Echo does not support that.

Can I use Touch ID to lock down my house?
No, Amazon Echo does not support that.

Apple devices

Mijn Thinka stopped working!
This could have several causes:

I get "Sorry, Mike, I didn't hear back"
First of all use the Thinka Setup to connect to your Thinka.  In the screen "Available Thinkas" your Thinka should be shown as "Thinka (paired) (192.168.x.x)". If your Thinka does not show up please read further at "My Thinka does not show up in the app".

My Thinka does not show up in the app
Thinka refuses to pair with your phone. Most likely this is caused by the fact that someone else is paired with Thinka, and only one direct pairing is supported.

Go to https://setup.thinka.eu, and enter your serial number (6 characters) as printed on your Thinka (next to S/N:). You will be redirected to your Thinka. When this succeeds, you will see the Thinka status page. Click on "RESET VOICE CONTROL". After that start the Thinka Setup app on your phone and pair again with your Thinka.

If https://setup.thinka.eu is unavailable, you probably have networking issues that need to be resolved first. Can you still connect to the Internet?

Nothing so far has helped!
Check whether Thinka itself still functions. Go to https://setup.thinka.eu, and enter your serial number (6 characters) as printed on your Thinka (next to S/N:). You will be redirected to your Thinka. When this succeeds, you will see the Thinka status page. Check all information, and check whether the KNX Gateway and Thinka server are live. Use the "REBOOT" button on the page to restart the Thinka. Never pull the plug from a Thinka, it's a little computer after all.

The Weinzierl 730 KNX/IP interface doesn’t connect during Thinka setup
By default, the Weinzierl 730 only accepts one tunnelling connection An additional 4 tunnelling connections can be assigned directly on the device. This is done by pressing the prog. button on the device longer than one second.
After that, the Learn-LED will blink, which indicates that the assignment of the additional addresses was successful.

I'm lost and I miss my Thinka!
Contact your KNX system integrator, and go over the status page on https://setup.thinka.eu with him or her. And you can email or call Thinka support.
In case something is not clear or not working according to your expectation you can contact us, and we will provide instant feeback. We can be reached by email at support@thinka.eu, or by phone at +31-20-2420666