Thinka is designed to be installed in your control cabinet using DIN rail. Thinka connects to the KNX bus via twisted pair or optionally using an KNX IP Gateway. Thinka is shipped with an 100-240V switching adaptor and ethernet cable for direct installation. Thinka does not require an existing KNX IP interface.
After registering your Thinka, configuration is done on the Thinka Setup Client. By reading the ETS layout Thinka makes suggestions for the layout of your accessories. You can edit this information to make it easy to use in Voice control.

Accessories can be renamed, added, deleted and moved to a different room. Rooms can be added and renamed. Names need to be carefully chosen to make it easy to pronounce rooms and accessories. A single Thinka supports up to 99 accessories.

To customize the interface of accessories to KNX, group addresses can be changed as well. Thinka supports Switches (ON/OFF) and Lights (ON/OFF and Brightness),  Thermostats and window coverings. Each characteristic needs a set or status address in threelevel format.
Connect with Amazon Echo
From the support page of your Thinka you first enable Alexa Echo and then you will be able to pair with Alexa Echo. Your Thinka will generate a token that you use to enable the Thinka skill on your Echo. This way only your Echo can communicate with your Thinka.

Next go to the Thinka skill on the Amazon Alexa site and enable the skill be entering the token from your Thinka.

Now click (or say) discover devices and you should see a list of devices available in Echo.
Din rail case, 4TE, DIN EN 60715, 35mm. CE tested.
Power adaptor with international plugs, 12V 1A max.Cable length: 1,5 meter. Optional screw terminals: 12-32V.
Temperature range:
Between -5 ºC and +50 ºC
Twisted pair.
Ethernet, 1Gb, network cable is included (3 meter).
Max. accessories:
99 per Thinka. It's posible to have multiple Thinkas in one network.