All parts are delivered. Almost there!
We have received all the parts to build a (Amazon Echo) Thinka.
Next week we'll perform our last tests and start packaging.


Custom Thinka boards finished and delivered
Getting real close now.
Cases from China have arrived
We just received our new casing from China. Soon we will start building Thinka's.
Thinka has a new skill!
We have completed development of Amazon Echo support. Amazon Echo is available in the UK and Germany and is becoming more and more popular
We are offering Amazon Echo support for free.
Reached a couple of important milestones
We have made good progress and are about to finalise all custom hardware.
Mould for the custom case
The production of the custom Thinka case has begun, starting with making the mould.
The casing wil be grey with a red bottom. Hope you'll like it.
How to prepare a thinka for use
Prepare your Thinka using this video instruction. It shows how to upload a new ETS project and edit the results to get your accessories ready.Have fun watching our first video.
The first Thinkas has been shipped
The first early adopters have received their Thinkas. We have shipped the first batch on May 31st.
Next international shipment is expected to ship June 10th.
Thinka packaging has arrived!
The Thinka box has arrived together with the setup guide. Exiting times for Thinka and her early adopters.
Thinka is almost ready to be shipped
Thinka update 2 april 2016
At the end of April the first Thinkas will be on their way. This is an exciting moment for us and a great step forward in the area of home and building automation. Below, a brief Thinka update.
Plug & Play
Thinka has two kinds of clients. One is the KNX system integrator and the other is the end-user. For both Thinka is striving for the best user experience and a seamless onboarding process. This means a lot of testing and adjusting with real clients. For the KNX system integrator it is important to see, recognize and manage all items of the KNX system and get it ready to use for the end-user. For the end-user it is important to understand how the app works and how they can get the most out of it. We have received some great feedback from our real-world tests that is helping us improve the Thinka experience for everyone.
Thinka selected to join StartupFest opening
From 24-28 May 2016 The Netherlands will be the place where every startup in the world wants to be. It is a four day marathon of matchmaking between startups, investors, developers and corporates. Fourteen regional innovation hubs will host world class events on specialized topics.
See also: startupfesteurope
Thinka is one of the selected startups to join the opening event.
Very exciting, especially with this great speakers around:
  • Tim Cook - CEO Apple
  • Nathan Blecharczyk - founder & CTO Airbnb
  • Travis Kalanick - CEO Uber
  • Gillian Tans - President & COO